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How much can it really cost?

We at Buy Your Groceries have put together a few calculations which may enlighten you as to just how much it costs to transport all the groceries that a big supermarket needs on a daily basis.

If one store needs 4 tonnes of stock delivered each day, using lorries which can transport 0.5 of a tonne, the store will require 8 lorries to make the delivery.

These 8 lorries will of course need 8 drivers.

If the warehouse is 96 miles away from the store, then the combined mileage of the 8 lorries would amount to 768 miles every day.

Most lorries average only around 6 miles to the gallon, which means that a whopping 128 gallons of fuel would be needed to transport stock to one supermarket every single day.

With the ever rising price of petrol now at a near all-time high of 135.52p per litre, each gallon of petrol costs around £6.10.

128 gallons at £6.10 would cost over £780.

Now we have to think of the trip back to the warehouse, so that’s £1,560 on fuel every day for just one store, that’s enough money to buy a good second hand Volkswagen Golf.

Add in drivers costs and multiple stores all over the country and you can see that the logistical chain is a very costly one.